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This is my web site.  I have been very fortunate over my life, and I hope to share
some of my experiences, and photos with my loved ones.   I wanted to do this
myself, but because of my health, I was not able to.  Therefore, much of what you
see are my experiences through the eyes of my husband, my webmaster.  This
site will continuously change, so please visit often.    
Eat Healthy
Exercise regularly
Love your kids
Grandbaby Anna
Indy 12'o4
Carribbean 'o4
This is the hardest day of my life.  My best friend, my wife, and my partner left
me while I was holding her at 12:30am this morning.  It was just her and I.  How
special can that be, I guess it is the best.  It is amazing how the wrinkles melted
away, and the softness that was left created a quite smile.  How peaceful it has
been.  Crying yes, but memories are better.  I will dedicate myself to develop
this site as a memorial to the woman I loved.  Please check back often.  I have a
lot to talk about and share with you.  Mike  
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