My Father, Robert (Bob) Stine retired and moved
to Florida when he was 50!  That's me on the left
(ha!) we all look young at some point in our
lives.  That's my big sister Dee in the middle.
Don't you just love old pictures!  That's my brother Bob
in the middle!  He was a Marine!  Semper Fi!  
(Yes, that's me with dark hair!
This is our daughter Kim.  She lives just a few minutes away.  She has been a great
support and help as I battle my disease.  Her and Walt, her husband have given us two
terrific Grand Children!
Wow - a Merry Christmas - before color film!  That
dates things a little.  That's my big sister Dee on the
left, little Bobby, dad, and me in my cute bobby socks
and saddle shoes.
My dad retired at 50, and moved to Florida.  He fished for years and years, and loved every minute of it.  
Dee and I would go down and visit, and how I
LOVE to fish.  Later, I took Kim down, and she loved
fishing with grandpa.
Say hi to Mike, my best friend, my husband, business partner and ---------------. We
were married January 3, 1980 at the CES trade show in Las Vegas.  If you ever
go to Circus Circus, look for the Candlelight chapel across the street!
This is my other sister, Bev Cloyd.  Bev is married to Tom and together they
have 3 boys, and 4 grand kids!
Hey - you know who you are!
Our other daughter Christie, and her husband the pilot, Ross. (PG with
Anna - Grand daughter #2)
Son Jason
(What Mike looked like 25 years ago)
This is my Mom, Juanita Hampton
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My Mother in Law, Doris